Merino wool – soft yet durable, thick yet lightweight – is widely considered the highest quality sheep’s wool in the world. Harvested from Merino sheep, the wool’s flexible fibers are easily felted (a method of matting and pressing wet fibers together) to form a fabric that cannot be pulled apart. This feature gives the wool felt exceptional benefits such as robustness, excellent dye ability, flame, shock and sound resistance, and natural stain repellence. Being a rapidly renewal resource and entirely biodegradable, wool felt is also an eco-friendly product.

The wool felt used in our products are composed of 100% Merino wool. We source it from a renowned company in Germany that oversees every step of the wool’s production, from the raising of Merino sheep to the assembling of the felt. A leader in the industry, this company has been specializing in wool production since the 19th century. We are delighted to have discovered them and to use their materials in our goods.