At Burgundy Assemblage, we are dedicated to creating products from the best possible materials. That’s why we source from some of the most legendary tanneries and suppliers in the world, and engage in rigorous product testing before incorporating any component into our works. We believe that using superb materials are the only way to create beautiful goods that last for decades.


Our fine leather is sourced from leading leather manufacturers in Italy and Argentina. Because every piece we use is carefully selected for a specific design, function and lifestyle, we have established a diverse array of high-quality, genuine leathers as the foundation for our product line. These include vegetable tanned, distress-aged, oil-pull, supple and pebbled grain leathers.
Leather is a natural product and no two pieces are exactly alike. You may therefore notice subtle variations in color, tone, grain pattern, creases and markings in each product. These are not defects or imperfections but cherished signs of the leather’s authenticity and excellent quality. Please note that we only work with articles produced in ISO-14001 Certified Tanneries. This certification is an International Standard established to distinguish tanneries that document and manage their operations to minimize the impact on the environment.


Suede is a type of leather with a velvety-soft, napped finish produced from the inside of a hide. We source our signature burgundy suede lining from a New York company with more than 50 years of experience supplying fine leathers and suede to clothing, accessory, upholstery and shoe designers and manufacturers worldwide. We found suede to be the ideal lining for our sleeves. Its combination of strength, suppleness and softness ably serves to protect any electronic gadgets and other items the sleeves may hold. Plus, suede both feels and looks gorgeous. How could we resist?


Merino wool – soft yet durable, thick yet lightweight – is widely considered the highest quality sheep’s wool in the world. Harvested from Merino sheep, the wool’s flexible fibers are easily felted (a method of matting and pressing wet fibers together) to form a fabric that cannot be pulled apart. This feature gives the wool felt exceptional benefits such as robustness, excellent dye ability, flame, shock and sound resistance, and natural stain repellence. Being a rapidly renewal resource and entirely biodegradable, wool felt is also an eco-friendly product.

The wool felt used in our products are composed of 100% Merino wool. We source it from a renowned company in Germany that oversees every step of the wool’s production, from the raising of Merino sheep to the assembling of the felt. A leader in the industry, this company has been specializing in wool production since the 19th century. We are delighted to have discovered them and to use their materials in our goods.


Our signature Jonquil yellow lining is 100% cotton duck with pure finish. It is made from America Cone White Oak Denim and produced by a New York manufacturer with over 80 years of experience in producing high quality fabric. This manufacturer has worked with a prestige dye house that has been in existence since 1838 and is well-known for its ability to create highly saturated colors. Cotton duck, known outside the industry as canvas, is a heavy and durable cloth, woven with two-ply yarns in the warp and a single-ply yarn in the weft. Its sturdiness and longevity makes it the perfect lining for frequent-use bags.


The hardware used for our products are primarily sourced from New York, Italy and Korea. Each hardware element, from studs to zippers, are designed to accentuate our brand’s minimalist aesthetic yet their functionality remains at core. We are especially pleased with Lampo zippers we selected for our goods. These are sourced from an Italian company that has been producing zip fastenings since 1887 and are synonymous with quality and luxury. As they enhance the quality of the most glamorous garments and accessories, we are proud to include them in our products.